A Coding Academy

For every student

Our Mission

Inspired by the Japanese school culture of independent learning and academic excellence, Code Gakko aims to ignite the passion in computer science and empower children for the future.


All youths should have the opportunity to learn computer science, regardless of background. We pride ourselves on offering affordable courses with excellent value.


We seek to expose students to programming through the use of interactive platforms, in combination with our intuitive mentorship.


It’s not just about computers. We want to equip our students with solid foundation of algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering them to tackle multi-disciplinary issues.

Our Programmes


Primary/Secondary School Educators

Coba is a comprehensive software environment for schools to offer programming courses. Learn how your school can start using the platform’s student and teacher tools to deliver tried-and-true courses at affordable rates.


Primary/Secondary School Educators

Are you an educator looking to bring programming education to your classroom? Browse our offerings for semester-long courses in Scratch, Hopscotch, App Inventor, and Python, led by qualified instructors.


JC, Poly, University Students

Our world is powered by data. Participate in our of our flagship events to pick up indispensible skills in data analytics and form lifelong connections.

"I liked creating games, grids, and shapes in Hopscotch. The instructors were kind and patient. Instructions were clear as well."

Ashok, Primary 4

"Camps like ASPIRE provide an introduction; they provide direction."

Thomas Wong, Founder, Sence

"It was fun and I got to learn more about how a game is being created."

Wen Xuan, Primary 4

Our Instructors

Our passionate instructors are trained to deliver material effectively, for youths of all ages. These diverse MOE-certified individuals are united in their enthusiasm for programming and teaching.

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